1. Remove the strategy, which always leads to negative consequences. We mean the situations in which you behave yourself in undesirable way for yourself and would like to change this. For example, it may be over-eating, smoking, an inability to communicate with people, depression, and anxiety. Necessary condition is that this similar situation occurred repeatedly in the past and you do not exclude that it could be repeated in the future.

2. Remember what are your visual impressions which trigger the problem behavior. For a smoker it can be a pack of cigarettes lying on the table. The one who can easily explode and vent his anger on others, often responds to the certain facial expression of another person. That is it, you remove the key image, which automatically runs the unwanted behavior. You need to visualize this key image as bright as in real life. Then take it aside, take a deep breath and clear your internal screen.

3. Now create an imaginary picture of yourself, abiding in the resource status, self-confident and having many choices. Imagine that your problem (problem behavior) has just resolved and disappeared. No need to imagine what you have done for this. You just know that the problem is solved. You know that from your words, your own face, the body position and posture. It is as if you have just become a champion and realize that you can do anything. Give yourself some time to clarify the image, to make it bigger and brighter. Feel what really motivates you.

4. Check how eco-friendly is the new state. Ask yourself, “is there any part of me which is against my new image of myself?” If you feel that such an objection exists that is a good thing. Ask this part of yourself which has emerged objections to adjust the resulting image. Let this image become more resource and meet the requirements of all the parts of your personality. Enjoy the established way, look at it from all sides.

5. Proceed now to the process of change. Place a large image which switches the picture of a problematic situation in the box in front of you. Make the resource image of yourself darker, decrease it in size and place in a small box, placing it in the center of the key images (which previously ran the problem behavior).

When you begin the process of change, the little dark frame with the resource image transforms very fast, increases in size, becomes brighter and fills your entire internal screen. The key image, on the contrary, became darker, dramatically reduced in size and then disappeared.
You can follow the increase of your resource image with any whistling or hissing sound. Some people come up with something else. Imagine that this is how it happens! Rest is the work of your subconscious! It provides the successful changes.

Once you have made this lightning “swing” (the replacement of key image on a bright image of the resource picture) – and felt your own self-confidence, clean the internal screen.

6. Clean the inside screen, again expand the image with the the boot (key) image. Place a small darkened resource image of yourself in the center of a key image. Start the whole process again. Then again, clean the internal screen. With each attempt it will be more and more difficult to deploy a key image. Six “swings” is usually enough to stop a key image to appear.

7. Now once again try to imagine a very problematic situation. If you succeed, please note what is different? What do you think now about this situations? How has your life changed?