This technique is safe and harmless. You can use it even if you have not been fully trained in NLP.

It will help you in any situation where you feel uncomfortable, whether it’s fear of the upcoming exam, arises from the past failures or fear of spiders, mice, elevators, airplanes, etc. This technique is effective in all cases, when you shudder of horror or frowning in disgust for anything. Think of a situation where you had to go through something like this. Then for a time set aside these memorable events of your life.

2. Enter the resource state (status), relax. Recall the time when you felt on top of the world. Enter this experience, feeling the fullness of these resources.

3. In order to master this technique, you will need chairs. Place two chairs one by one facing the wall. Sit on a chair, which is closer to the wall. Imagine that you are in a theater. Blank wall will serve you a screen on which you place the black-and-white still picture – an image of yourself before you start to feel fear or disgust.

4. Exit the “theater” and change to another chair. This chair will serve you as a “projectionist’s box” When you’re in this booth you are separated from the theater with the imaginary thick glass. When you look out of the booth in front of you, you will find yourself sitting in a room and looking at the screen. Pay attention to yourself, how you are sitting in the room, looking from the back a calm, confident person.

5. Now, comfortably ensconced in the projectionist booth, you start to show black-and-white film. Film begins with an event that scares you or cause you to disgust. You watch the events unfolding on the screen! That you, who looks the movie, naturally reacts to different events, learns from them. When the movie ends happily, you see yourself, whom also is not in danger after the screening.

6. Now, while you are over the room, in the projectionist booth (sitting second chair), imagine how you swam into the man on the screen – in yourself, for whom all ended happily. Now, having become this person, fast rewind the film event in the opposite direction (as if you rewound the film video) – up to the point where you feel safe and feel confident. When the frame of the video is running in the opposite direction, events get the funny character, the change of images is accompanied by the fun sounds. Faster, faster. One moment! And in a second film rewind to a safe place. Now go back to the projectionist`s booth and swim into a body that is there.

7. Being in the booth (in the chair), try to reproduce the black and white picture of yourself at the moment before the events of the film. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as long as the image, that triggers the problem, disappears. Some people say that the image gradually fades. For others, it disappears instantly, as if the film ended abruptly. Repeat this process as long as you are sure that the image you are running disappeared completely. This is especially true for your feelings. When the certain feeling is leaving, the representation which you are started becomes impossible too. This process usually takes no more than 3-10 minutes.

8. Making sure that you succeed, wait for 5 minutes. Read a book, watch TV, take a walk. Give your brain a while for it to learn what happened. Then try to return the event that first caused you fear or disgust. Realizing how much things have changed, some people feel the uncontrollable excitement or desire to laugh. Others just smile.